Alaska Collection

Alaska Wing at Loussac Library Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm, Sunday: 1pm – 5pm

The Alaska Collection at the Loussac Library has over 20,000 books and other resources about Alaska and its history. This room is also a nice, quiet place to study and read with a wonderful view of the Chugach Range.

Public Review Shelf & Notices

Public Review Documents and Notices may be delivered to ZJ Loussac Library, to Jill Galbraith or Douglas McAllister, C/O The Alaska Collection at ZJ Loussac Library.  Municipal documents may be sent via inter-departmental mail. Upon receiving, documents are available on the public review shelves, located in the Alaska Collection wing on Level 2.  Public notices are posted on the bulletin board near the third floor Reference Desk.

Current Month: Public Review List

Alaska Resources on the Internet

Anchorage 1910-1940 'Legends & Legacies' - Cook Inlet Historical Society

Alaska Digital Archives

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Alaska

Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series - an online encyclopedia of Alaska wildlife.

Alaska Polar and Periodical Index (APPI) - A localized index for Alaskan newspapers, magazines, journals and newsletter articles and the polar regions. Citations only. [Date Range: 1890 - Current]