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Nunakun-gguq ciutengqertut = They say they have ears through the ground : animal essays from Southwest Alaska

Ann Fienup-Riordan ; with Alice Rearden, Marie Meade, David Chanar, Rebecca Nayamin, and Corey Joseph
ISBN: 9781602234123

"Lifeways in Southwest Alaska today remains inextricably bound to the seasonal cycles of sea and land. Community members continue to hunt, fish, and make products from the life found in the rivers and sea. Based on a wealth of oral histories collected over decades of research, this book explores the ancestral relationship between Yup'ik people and the natural world of Southwest Alaska. Nunakun-gguq Ciutengqertut studies the overlapping lives of the Yup'ik with native plants, animals, and birds, and traces how these relationships transform as more Yup'ik relocate to urban areas and with the changing environment. The book is presented in bilingual format, with facing-page translations, and will be hailed as a milestone work in the anthropological study of contemporary Alaska"-- Provided by publisher.

Cabin 135 : a memoir of Alaska

Katie Eberhart
ISBN: 9781602234208

"Cabin 135 exists as place and idea, abode and quirky companion. As place, the house offered abundant opportunities to explore and contemplate decisions made by previous residents. As an abstraction, the log-built cabin both anchored and propelled my speculative notions of time and place. Eventually, I looked outward, beyond the house toward the microcosms of garden and yard and on toward a wider terrain. Nature meanders through my life as an ongoing theme, whether semi-tamed garden, national park, or wild-seeming forest. My narrative journey samples history, gardening, and nature as well as grappling with a many-faced house. Within the thematic structure of this book, I learn to pay more attention to my surroundings-sometimes with a broad-brush approach such as considering a swath of vegetation, other times, contemplating only a small plot of forest or garden, or a patch of wall inside the house. While searching for narrative larger than myself, everything I experienced, pondered, and tinkered with became part of my story and I puzzled over how we change places in both minuscule and wide-ranging ways"-- Provided by publisher.

Leavetakings / Essays

Essays by Corinna Cook
ISBN: 9781602234246

"Leavetakings is a collection of personal essays that convey the writer's intimate connections with Alaska. The sections in Leavetakings are structured around water: Inland, Intertidal, Upriver, At Sea. Several essays grapple with loving stolen land, andloving wild landscapes in the face of development, degradation, and resource extraction"-- Provided by publisher.

Kodiak bears and sockeye salmon : a wildlife biologist comes of age 1957-1961

John R. McNair
ISBN: 9781634992602

"This book presents tales of an eager and idealistic young wildlife biologist's four summers in the wilds of Alaska among Kodiak bears and sockeye salmon. Readers will enjoy the details of exhilarating and sometimes dangerous field research on sockeye salmon when there seemed to be infinite possibilities for scientific discovery, and of pioneering live trapping studies of Kodiak bears when the tools of study were wolf traps, rope lassos, and ether-soaked cotton for sedating decidedly impatient trapped bears. Read about discoveries, adventures, narrow escapes, bear attacks, struggles with the rigours and politics of scientific research, and life in a far northern camp (a man cave with real bears). This is the classic story of a man in the wilderness -- a coming of age book with a bang!" -- From back cover.

Raven's witness : the Alaska life of Richard K. Nelson

Hank Lentfer ; foreword by Barry Lopez
ISBN: 9781680513073

"Before his death in 2019, cultural anthropologist, author, and radio producer Richard K. Nelson's work focused primarily on the indigenous cultures of Alaska and, more generally, on the relationships between people and nature. Nelson lived for extended periods in Athabaskan and Alaskan Eskimo villages, experiences which inspired his earliest written works, including "Hunters of the Northern Ice." In "Raven's Witness," Lentfer tells Nelson's story--from his midwestern childhood to his first experiences with Native culture in Alaska through his own lifelong passion for the land where he so belonged"-- Provided by publisher.

Epic solitude : a story of survival and a quest for meaning in the far north

Katherine Keith
ISBN: 9781538557044

Tells the story of the author's hunger for remote, wild places, which take her across America and then to Alaska, where she finds her true home in its vast and rugged landscape. She and her husband build a log cabin miles from the nearest road; after tragic loss, Keith and her infant daughter must push on alone in the Alaskan backcountry. Long-distance dog sledding opens a door to a new existence. Racing across Alaska offers the best of all worlds by combining raw wildnerness with solitude and athleticism.

In those days : shamans, spirits, and faith in the Inuit North

by Kenn Harper
ISBN: 9781772272543

"In this new collection, Kenn Harper shares tales of Inuit and Christian beliefs and how these came to coexist--and sometimes clash--in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. During this period, Anglican and Catholic missionaries came to the North to proselytize among the Inuit, with often unexpected and sometimes tragic results. This collection includes stories of shamans and priests, hymns and ajaja songs, and sealskin churches, drawing on first-hand accounts to show how Christianity changed life in the North in big and small ways. This volume also includes dozens of rare, historical photographs."-- Provided by publisher.

Raised in ruins : a memoir

Tara Neilson
ISBN: 9781513262635

"A personal memoir of Tara Neilson's unconventional childhood growing up in the burnt remains of an old cannery in remote Southeast Alaska"-- Provided by publisher.


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