About APL

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The Anchorage Public Library serves the Municipality of Anchorage, with five locations from Eagle River to Girdwood. APL is an asset to the community to build strong, educated people and is constantly evolving to meet our patrons’ needs. Our programming is inclusive of all backgrounds, and the library is a place where people can meet others who are different from them, spreading ideas and cultures across different communities.

APL 2019-21 Strategic Plan

APL 2018 Year at a Glance

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Connecting people to education, information, and community.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision for Anchorage is an educated and connected community where our Library is an essential center for learning, inspiration, and community pride for people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.



  • We ensure all people have free and equal access to information and library spaces
  • We are committed to racial and social equity and a just society


  • We maintain a library that is safe, welcoming, and responsive to community needs
  • We provide excellent service that is confidential, nonjudgmental and nonpartisan


  • We actively facilitate and promote literacy and life-long learning


The first Anchorage library appeared in the new tent city on Ship Creek in 1917. Today’s bustling Anchorage Public Library circulates over 1.7 million books, media, and digital materials a year. The main Z.J. Loussac Library and its four neighborhood libraries (Chugiak-Eagle River, Mountain View, Muldoon and Girdwood's Gerrish Branches) serve over 940,000 visitors each year, which exceeds total attendance at the Sullivan Arena by more than 74%. Additionally, over 60,000 children and adults participate in library programs each year.

The History of the Anchorage Public Library