Quick Picks

Someone builds the dream

written by Lisa Wheeler ; illustrated by Loren Long
ISBN: 9781984814333

Celebrates the skilled women and men who work to see the plans of architects, engineers, and designers brought to life.

Oona in the Arctic

words by Kelly DiPucchio ; pictures by Raissa Figueroa
ISBN: 9780063222328

"A mermaid and her otter friend go on a journey to help a lost beluga whale return to the Arctic."-- Provided by publisher.

Berry song

Michaela Goade
ISBN: 9780316494175

As a young Tlingit girl collects wild berries over the seasons, she sings with her Grandmother as she learns to speak to the land and listen when the land speaks back.

The nice dream truck

by Beth Ferry ; illustrated by Brigette Barrager
ISBN: 9780062907837

New York Times bestselling creators Beth Ferry and Brigette Barrager serve up a delightful twist on the lyrical bedtime romp, reminding us that there are as many ways to dream as ice cream flavors to taste.

The more you give

Marcy Campbell, Francesca Sanna
ISBN: 9780593372739

"A modern-day response to The Giving Tree, this lyrical picture book shows how family love is passed down from generation to generation"-- Provided by publisher.

Benny the bananasaurus rex

by Sarabeth Holden ; illustrated by Emma Pedersen
ISBN: 9781772274424

"Benny loves bananas. He eats them morning, noon, and night. He even rides a bike with a yellow banana seat. In fact, Benny has a secret, he hopes one day he will turn into a banana! And if there is one thing Benny knows, it's that with a little imagination anything is possible. A funny and relatable story of a little boy who can be anything he wants to be (whether it's a dinosaur, or a banana, or both!) with a big imagination and a bit of help from his anaana."-- Provided by publisher.

The city tree

Shira Boss ; illustrated by Lorena Alvarez
ISBN: 9780358423416

"A newly planted sidewalk tree in the city transforms the neighborhood as residents nurture it through the seasons"-- Provided by publisher.

The forever sky

Thomas Peacock ; illustrations by Annette S. Lee
ISBN: 9781681340982

Two young Ojibwe brothers, Niigaanii and Bineshiinh, look to the stars and spin stories, some inspired by Uncle and some of their own making, as they remember their grandmother.