Personal Librarian Request (Research)

Library staff are available Monday-Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm AK Time. You should receive an initial reply from library staff within two working days. The length of time to fill your request depends on how complicated your project is. We may need to contact you for more details to clarify your request.

The materials you receive also depend on the complexity of your project, the types of materials requested, and your deadline. If the deadline is within a week or less, we can only fulfill your request with materials we can access online. If you have a deadline farther in the future, we may choose books and other materials through the Anchorage Public Library and UAA/APU Consortium Library, or by borrowing materials through Inter-Library Loan.

We will briefly summarize why we selected the materials we sent you when we respond. If you find that you need more information, or that you need to redirect your inquiry, you are always welcome to make a new request.

This service is intended to help you start your research. If you need an answer to a quick reference question, please use Ask A Librarian or call (907) 343-2975.

Ex. write a paper, give a presentation, just learn more about a topic, etc.
If this is for an assignment, when is it due?

What formats would you like to receive?