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ISBN: 9781736755815

The Harriman Alaska expedition of 1899 : scientists, naturalists, artists and others document America's last frontier

John J. Michalik
ISBN: 9781476684239

"In 1899, one of America's wealthiest men assembled an interdisciplinary team of experts--many of whom would become legendary in their fields--to join him, entirely at his expense, on a voyage to the largely unknown territory of Alaska. The Harriman Expedition remains unparalleled in its conception and execution. This book follows the team closely: where they went, what they did, and what they learned--including finding early evidence of glacial retreat, assessing the nature and future of Alaska's natural resources, making important scientific discoveries, and collecting an astonishing collection of specimens. A second thread involves the lives and accomplishments of the members of the party, weaving biographical strands into the narrative of the journey and the personal experiences they shared. This is the first comprehensive, scholarly treatment of the Harriman Alaska Expedition since the 1980s. It features the diaries, letters home, and post-Expedition writings, including unpublished autobiographies, generated by the members of the party"-- Provided by publisher.

Ragged coast, rugged coves : labor, culture, and politics in southeast Alaska canneries

Diane J. Purvis
ISBN: 9781496225887

"Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves explores the untold story of cannery workers in southeast Alaska from the Russian era through the Cold War, particularly how making a living was pitted against the economic realities of the day"-- Provided by publisher.

Inside Passage : A Memoir

Waterfield, Keema
ISBN: 9781950584567

Northern garden symphony : combining hardy perennials for blooms all season

Cyndie Warbelow
ISBN: 9781602234413

"Section I defines the terms that will assure we all have our feet on the ground in the same garden speaking the same language. Section II dives into the concept of perennial design and identifies the most important parameters to consider when choosing the players for a garden symphony. Section III introduces the concept of the Charts as a design tool to keep the garden symphony playing bright and clear all season long. Section IV walks the reader through the step-by-step design of five garden symphonies using the charts as a guide for choosing the players. Appendix A is easy to access, in-depth descriptions of all of the plants listed on the Charts. The last four appendices provide guidance on planning, planting, supplementing color and structure in a perennial garden, and maintaining perennials from season to season"-- Provided by publisher.

The last layer of the ocean : kayaking through love and loss on Alaska's wild coast

Mary Emerick
ISBN: 9780870710797

"There are five layers of the ocean, though most of us will only ever see one. The deepest layer is the midnight zone, where the only light comes from bioluminescence, created by animals who live there. In order to see, these creatures must create their own light. They move like solitary suns, encased in their own bubbles of freezing water. This is the most remote, unexplored zone on the planet. Though hostile to humans, it's a source of rapt fascination for Mary Emerick, who would go there in a heartbeat if she could. The year Emerick turned 38, the suicide of a stranger compelled her to uproot her life and strike out for Alaska, taking a chance on love and home. She learned how to travel in a small yellow kayak along the rugged coast, contending with gales, high seas, and bears. She pondered the different meanings of home from the perspectives of people who were born along Alaska's coast, the first peoples who had been there for generations, newcomers who chose this place for themselves, and the many who would eventually, inevitably leave. When she married a man from another island, convinced that love would stick, she soon learned that marriage is just as difficult to navigate as the ocean. Divided into sections detailing the main kayaking strokes, with each stroke serving as metaphor for the lives we all pass through and the tools needed to stay afloat, this eloquent memoir speaks to the human need for connection-connection to place and to our fellow travelers casting their bubbles of light in the depths"-- Provided by publisher.

Living within the wild : personal stories & beloved recipes from Alaska

Kirsten Dixon, Mandy Dixon
ISBN: 9781513264370

Cold latitudes

Rosemary McGuire
ISBN: 9781602234376

"Cold Latitudes depicts, in precise and spare portraits, the landscapes, cultures, and animals of the circumpolar regions. McGuire's writing reveals the Arctic and Antarctic regions as environments bustling with lives and ways of life that are coming increasingly under threat by climate change. These essays add a refreshingly intimate and human side to a conversation dominated by the often-inaccessible language and perspective of environmental science. Though the observations are the highlight of this collection, each essay has narrative momentum to match its setting"-- Provided by publisher.


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