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Water the rocks make : poems by David McElroy

McElroy, David
ISBN: 9781602234574

"The poems of Water the Rocks Make commit into words the turbulence of emotion and thought stirred up by life's events: family trauma, psychiatric instability, the legal system, the death of a loved one, identity, cultural displacement, work, loss, creativity, and through everything, love.-Provided by the Publisher"-- Provided by publisher.

Plants of Haida Gwaii = X̲aadaa gwaay gud gina k̲'aws = X̲aadaa gwaayee guu ginn k̲'aws

Nancy J. Turner, CM, OBC, PhD, FRSC ; with Florence Davidson, [and 11 others], and other Haida plant specialists ; illustrations by Gitkinjuaas (also known as G̲iitsx̲aa; Ronald Wilson) ; Skidegate ; X̲aayda xil gan sing.g̲a suu/"Prayer for Haida medicine" by Gwaag̲anad (Dr. Diane Brown), Skidegate ; epilogue by K̲ii'iljuus (Barbara Wilson), Skidegate
ISBN: 9781550179149

"For many thousands of years the lands and waters of Haida Gwaii have been home to the Haida. Plants of Haida Gwaii, written with the cooperation and collaboration of Haida knowledge holders and botanical experts, is a detailed and insightful record of the traditional uses of over 150 species of native plants. Moreover, it explains the systems of knowledge and understanding that enabled the Haida to use the resources of their islands sustainably from one generation to the next over millennia. The Haida names of these plants indicate their importance, as do the many narratives featuring them. From the ts'uu--massive western red-cedars--of the forests which provide wood used for canoes, house posts, poles and boxes, and bark carefully harvested for weaving mats, baskets and hats, to the ngaal--tough, resilient fronds of giant kelp--used to harvest herring eggs, the botanical species used by the Haida are found from the ocean to the mountain tops, and are as important today as ever before. With over 250 photographs and illustrations, this book is both beautiful and informative."-- Provided by publisher.

Stampede : gold fever and disaster in the Klondike

Brian Castner
ISBN: 9780385544504

"A gripping and wholly original account of the epic human tragedy that was the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898"-- Provided by publisher.

Platinum Rose

as told by Rose Jenne ; written by Colleen Coulon Love
ISBN: 9781578338559

Roar of the sea : treachery, obsession, and Alaska's most valuable wildlife

Deb Vanasse
ISBN: 9781513209579

"A history following Captain Alex MacLean and Henry Wood Elliott's fight over the highly prized Pribilof Island fur seals in the late 1800s and early 1900s"-- Provided by publisher.

Tribal sovereignty in Alaska : how it happened, what it means

Donald Craig Mitchell
ISBN: 9781531022242

"Tribal Sovereignty in Alaska is the first comprehensive history of the Alaska Native tribal sovereignty movement. In 1932, Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur explained that "the United States has had no treaty relations with any of the aborigines of Alaska nor have they been recognized as the independent tribes with a government of their own. The individual native has always and everywhere in Alaska been subject to the white man's law, both Federal and territorial, civil and criminal." As a continuation of that policy, in 1971 when Congress settled Alaska Native land claims by enacting the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, at the request of Native leaders, it required Alaska Natives to incorporate business corporations under the laws of the State of Alaska that then were conveyed land in fee title. But today the Secretary of the Interior and those same Native leaders are adamant that there are more than two hundred federally-recognized tribes in Alaska whose Alaska Native members are "sovereign" and whose governing bodies possess "inherent" governmental authority. Tribal Sovereignty in Alaska tells the story of that dramatic reversal of federal Indian policy in exhaustively researched detail"-- Provided by publisher.

An Alaska flyfisher's odyssey : seeking a life of drag-free drift in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Daniel P. Hoffman ; with a foreword by Kelly Bostian
ISBN: 9781591522935

Sound relations native ways of doing music history in Alaska

Perea, Jessica Bissett
ISBN: 9780190869144

"Sound Relations: Native Ways of Doing Music History in Alaska delves into histories of Inuit musical life in Alaska to amplify the broader significance of sound as integral to self-determination and sovereignty. The book offers radical and relational ways of listening to Inuit music across a range of genres-from hip hop to Christian hymnody and drumsongs to funk and R&B - to register how a density (not difference) of Indigenous ways of musicking from a vast archive of presence sounds out radical and relational entanglements between structures of Indigeneity and colonialism. The research aims to dismantle stereotypical understandings of "Eskimos," "Indians," and "Natives" by addressing the following questions: What exactly is "Native" about Native music? What does it mean to sound (or not sound) Native? Who decides? And how can in-depth analyses of Native music that center Indigeneity reframe larger debates of race, power, and representation in twenty-first century American music historiography? Instead of proposing singular truths or facts, this book invites readers to consider the existence of multiple simultaneous truths, a density of truths, all of which are culturally constructed, performed, and in some cases politicized and policed. A sound relations approach endeavors to advance a more Indigenized music studies and a more sounded Indigenous studies that works to move beyond colonial questions of containment - "who counts as Indigenous" and "who decides" - and measurement - "how much Indigenous is this person/performance" - and toward an aesthetics of self-determination and resurgent world-making"-- Provided by publisher.


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