More New Alaska Books

Finding true north : firsthand stories of the booms that built modern Alaska

by Molly Rettig
ISBN: 9781602234437

"Molly Rettig leads readers through pivotal moments in modern Alaska's history that have not only built the Alaska we see today, but also created moments of great contention such as gold and oil. She ties the stories of people who lived during these times to her own story of discovery and change. The book starts with her arrival to Alaska, naive and unaware, where readers will learn and evolve with her as she comes to new realizations"-- Provided by publisher.

Herring and people of the North Pacific : sustaining a keystone species

Thomas F. Thornton & Madonna L. Moss
ISBN: 9780295748290

"Herring (Clupea pallasii) is vital to the productivity and health of marine systems, and socio-ecologically is the most important fish species in the northern hemisphere, where it is valued for its oil, bait, eggs, and sac roe. This comprehensive case study traces the development of fisheries in Southeast Alaska from pre-contact indigenous relationships to herring to the post-contact fisheries, with comparative reference to other North Pacific cultures. Its interdisciplinary approach, which combines ethnological, historical, archaeological, and political perspectives, makes Herring and People in the North Pacific unique in literature on indigenous peoples, fisheries management, and marine social-ecological systems.Among the volume's findings are that: *present herring stocks, even in highly productive areas of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, are being managed in a depleted status, representing a fraction of their historical abundance and distribution; * significant long-term impacts on herring distribution and abundance have been anthropogenic; * human dependence on herring as a food resource evolved through interactions with key spawning areas with abundant substrates for egg deposition (such as macrocystis kelp, rockweed, and eelgrass); and * maintenance of diverse spawning locations in Southeast Alaska is critical to conserving intraspecies biodiversity. Local and traditional knowledge (LTK)-in combination with archeological, historical, and biological data-is shown to play a critical role in developing understanding of marine ecology, valuation of herring in North Pacific social-ecological systems, and restoration of herring stocks toward their former abundance"-- Provided by publisher.

Totem pole carving : Norman Tait, bringing a log to life

Vickie Jensen
ISBN: 9780295745329

"Author Vickie Jensen spent three months in the spring of 1985 with the renowned Nisga'a First Nations artist Norman Tait (1941-2016) and his crew of young carvers, documenting the process of transforming a raw cedar log to a forty-two-foot totem pole. The resulting unique book, featuring intimate, accessible text and 125 striking photographs, captures the atmosphere of their work-the smell of fresh cedar chips, the long days and blistered hands, the camaraderie, the pride in solving problems, the ever-present awareness of tradition, and the joy of creation.Totem Pole Carving gives the reader two equally rich stories: the step-by-step process of creating a magnificent doorway pole for Vancouver's Native Education Centre, and the triumph of the young crew as they master the skills and traditions necessary to carve. Originally published in hardcover under the title Where the People Gather, this new edition features a new preface from the author and an updated, lifetime-spanning survey of Tait's major works. The book will retain Norman Tait's original 1992 foreword"-- Provided by publisher.

Go play outside! : tips, tricks, and tales from the trails

Nancy Fresco with Elizabeth Cable, Molly Cable, and Jay Cable
ISBN: 9781602234390

"During my thirteen years of Official Parent Experience, I've been asked some variant of this question a surprising number of times -- by new parents, soon-to-be-parents, and not-sure-if-we-want-to-be-parents. Free-spirited young adults seem genuinely worried that if they take on the role of "mom" or "dad" they will be locked forever in a minivan with dark-tinted windows. "Will we still be able to enjoy the great outdoors? The wild places? The adventures?" I can't claim to know everyone's answer, but I do know my own. It's long and complicated, and is covered in myriad ways in this book. It is also short: yes"-- Provided by publisher

Alaska sourdough : the real stuff by a real Alaskan

Ruth Allman ; foreword by Addie Studebaker
ISBN: 9781513262819

"A revised edition of sourdough expert and historian Ruth Allman's bestselling book, Alaska Sourdough includes updated recipes and tips on all things sourdough, plus a new foreword by Addie Studebaker"-- Provided by publisher.

Field guide to snow

Matthew Sturm
ISBN: 9781602234147

"Over my career I have led more than 30 snow expeditions, taught snow science in the classroom at the undergraduate and graduate level, and run more than a dozen field method classes all over the U.S. In the field with my students, we have worked shoulder-to-shoulder in snow pits measuring the density, grain size, and stratigraphy of the snow pack. In that setting I have tried to teach people how to read in the snow the story of the winter. Most beginners at first have trouble seeing the story: it is all just white and the same. But with time, and a little guidance, the winter world has opened up for them. That is what this book is about: just a little guidance for those who might not get a chance to dig a snow pit with me, but who want to know more about the snow"-- Provided by publisher.

The bears of Brooks Falls : wildlife and survival on Alaska's Brooks River

Michael Fitz
ISBN: 9781682685105

"A natural history and celebration of the famous bears and salmon of Brooks River. On the Alaska Peninsula, where exceptional landscapes are commonplace, a small river attracts attention far beyond its scale. Each year, from summer to early fall, brown bears and salmon gather at Brooks River to create one of North America's greatest wildlife spectacles. As the salmon leap from the cascade, dozens of bears are there to catch them (with as many as forty-three bears sighted in a single day), and thousands of people come to watch in person or on the National Park Service's popular Brooks Falls Bearcam. The Bears of Brooks Falls tells the story of this region and the bears that made it famous in three parts. The first forms an ecological history of the region, from its dormancy 30,000 years ago to the volcanic events that transformed it into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. The central and longest section is a deep dive into the lives of the wildlife along the Brooks River, especially the bears and salmon. Readers will learn about the bears' winter hibernation, mating season, hunting rituals, migration patterns, and their relationship with Alaska's changing environment. Finally, the book explores the human impact, both positive and negative, on this special region and its wild population"-- Provided by publisher.

100 things to do in Alaska before you die

Fran Golden and Midgi Moore
ISBN: 9781681062921

Arctic crashes : people and animals in the changing north

edited by Igor Krupnik and Aron L. Crowell
ISBN: 9781944466343

"The volume is the key outcome of the Arctic Crashes project (full title: Arctic People and Animal Crashes: Human, Climate and Habitat Agency in the Anthropocene). It was implemented in 2014-2016 by a team of scholars at the Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center, in collaboration with their colleagues and indigenous partners from the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Greenland, and the Netherlands, supported by the Smithsonian Grand Challenges Consortia grant. The 'Arctic Crashes' team introduced a new vision to explore human-animal-climate interactions, including rapid animal declines ('crashes') in the North that-unlike earlier top-down models that tied changes in species' abundance and ranges to alternating warmer and cooler, or high ice/low sea-ice regimes across the polar zone-analyzed such relations primarily at regional and local scale. This approach is closer to Arctic peoples' traditional view that animals, like people, live in 'tribes' and they could 'come and go' according to their relations with the local human societies. As Arctic climate changes and climate/sea-ice/ecotone boundaries shift, we increasingly observe diverse responses by people and animals to environmental stress. In some species we can also document the sustained effects of commercial over-exploitation during the 17th - 20th centuries, which varied across sub-populations. The emerging record may be best approached as a series of localized human-animal disequilibria ('crashes') interpreted from different angles by population biologists, Arctic indigenous people, and anthropologists, rather than top-down climate-induced collapses. This new understanding also highlights varying rates of change-in the physical, animal, and human domains. Besides six keystone polar game species (the Pacific and Atlantic walrus; harbor seal, harp seal, bowhead whale, and caribou) the volume examines the status of polar bear and narwhal in the Canadian Arctic, Pribilof Island fur seal, Atlantic cod in Greenland, presenting a diversity of historical, archaeological, evolutionary, and cultural/spiritual perspectives on Arctic 'crashes.'"-- Provided by publisher.

Thirty of Forty in the 49th : memories of a Wildlife Biologist in Alaska

Robin L. West
ISBN: 9781098348083

"Thirty of Forty in the 49th shares the conservation history of Alaska through the eyes of a retired biologist. The author reflects on his 30 years working in the far north while on a solo canoe trip in the wilds of the Upper Yukon River 40 years after his first visit there. The book combines an account of the dividing of Alaska's lands through statehood, Native claims, and ultimately as national interest lands set aside for conservation. The author combines Alaska history with tales of survival and legal, political, and natural challenges. From run-ins with grizzly bears to managing diverse programs of multi-million acre national wildlife refuges, the stories document a time of transition in one of the last great wild areas remaining on the planet."--Ingram.

Kodiak bears and sockeye salmon : a wildlife biologist comes of age 1957-1961

McNair, John R.
ISBN: 9781634992602

"This book presents tales of an eager and idealistic young wildlife biologist's four summers in the wilds of Alaska among Kodiak bears and sockeye salmon. Readers will enjoy the details of exhilarating and sometimes dangerous field research on sockeye salmon when there seemed to be infinite possibilities for scientific discovery, and of pioneering live trapping studies of Kodiak bears when the tools of study were wolf traps, rope lassos, and ether-soaked cotton for sedating decidedly impatient trapped bears. Read about discoveries, adventures, narrow escapes, bear attacks, struggles with the rigours and politics of scientific research, and life in a far northern camp (a man cave with real bears). This is the classic story of a man in the wilderness -- a coming of age book with a bang!" -- From back cover.

A shape in the dark : living and dying with brown bears

Bjorn Dihle
ISBN: 9781680513097

"A contemporary natural history of brown bears and our relationship with them, as conveyed through historical and personal encounters"-- Provided by publisher.

Best-kept secrets of Alaska

Michael Kerrigan
ISBN: 9781787557765

This beautiful book, packed with stunning photographs, will take you on a pictorial journey through Alaska's most magnificent landscapes. From the arctic north, with its glittering sea ice, frozen tundra and ethereal aurora borealis, to the lush rainforests and breathtaking fjordlands of the south, this is a country as diverse as it is immense. Take in the wild majesty of Denali National Park and its towering peaks, marvel at the blue-white glaciers of Glacier Bay and the untamed rivers of Alaska's pristine Interior. Encounter the wind-battered coastlines of the Aleutian Islands, and the sheltered bays of the Kodiak Archipelago; embrace frontier spirit along its highways, railways and winding hiking trails. Uncover Alaska's intriguing history through its onion-domed churches, Native villages, remote settlements and abandoned boomtowns. And if that was not enough, experience close encounters with some impressive Alaskan residents, including humpback whales, bears, caribou, moose, puffins, seals and more. Exploring sights both familiar and unexpected, natural and man-made, new and old, Best-kept Secrets of Alaska will introduce you to one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

Cold latitudes

Rosemary McGuire
ISBN: 9781602234376

"Cold Latitudes depicts, in precise and spare portraits, the landscapes, cultures, and animals of the circumpolar regions. McGuire's writing reveals the Arctic and Antarctic regions as environments bustling with lives and ways of life that are coming increasingly under threat by climate change. These essays add a refreshingly intimate and human side to a conversation dominated by the often-inaccessible language and perspective of environmental science. Though the observations are the highlight of this collection, each essay has narrative momentum to match its setting"-- Provided by publisher.

The last layer of the ocean : kayaking through love and loss on Alaska's wild coast

Mary Emerick
ISBN: 9780870710797

"There are five layers of the ocean, though most of us will only ever see one. The deepest layer is the midnight zone, where the only light comes from bioluminescence, created by animals who live there. In order to see, these creatures must create their own light. They move like solitary suns, encased in their own bubbles of freezing water. This is the most remote, unexplored zone on the planet. Though hostile to humans, it's a source of rapt fascination for Mary Emerick, who would go there in a heartbeat if she could. The year Emerick turned 38, the suicide of a stranger compelled her to uproot her life and strike out for Alaska, taking a chance on love and home. She learned how to travel in a small yellow kayak along the rugged coast, contending with gales, high seas, and bears. She pondered the different meanings of home from the perspectives of people who were born along Alaska's coast, the first peoples who had been there for generations, newcomers who chose this place for themselves, and the many who would eventually, inevitably leave. When she married a man from another island, convinced that love would stick, she soon learned that marriage is just as difficult to navigate as the ocean. Divided into sections detailing the main kayaking strokes, with each stroke serving as metaphor for the lives we all pass through and the tools needed to stay afloat, this eloquent memoir speaks to the human need for connection-connection to place and to our fellow travelers casting their bubbles of light in the depths"-- Provided by publisher.

Ragged coast, rugged coves : labor, culture, and politics in southeast Alaska canneries

Diane J. Purvis
ISBN: 9781496225887

"Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves explores the untold story of cannery workers in southeast Alaska from the Russian era through the Cold War, particularly how making a living was pitted against the economic realities of the day"-- Provided by publisher.