Alaska Room Redesign

The Alaska Room Redesign project is back in full swing, and we want to hear from you! While the redesign plans were originally going to relocate the Alaska Collection to the northeast corner of the 3rd floor at Loussac Library, several logistical factors including space, construction considerations, and decreased demand for the former Alaska Collection rotunda as an event space have led Library Director Virginia McClure to request a redesign of the rotunda and relocate Alaska Collection materials into the space in a new way.

Our goal and vision remain the same: to ensure the Alaska Collection is accessible to the public and encourages the appreciation of Alaska's history, culture, development, institutions, and natural resources and is relevant to the study and understanding of the state. 

Take a walk through the existing space, currently the home of the Loussac Event Center:

Loussac Event Center TOUR

65% Project Update

Please join us to provide your feedback on the initial designs.

In-Person Open House

Join us to see how the new design will fit within this classic space.

Loussac Library 
Wednesday, March 20 
4:30-6:30 PM

Virtual Open House

Share feedback on-line and view initial architectural drawings. Available March 18-April 19.


35% Project Update

Virtual Open House

A virtual open house was held November 1-30. That public comment period is now closed, however the initial architectural drawings are still available to view.


Alaska Room Redesign Background

Learn the history behind this project.

Alaska Room Redesign Background