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Anchorage Public Library welcomes program proposals from the public. Priority is given to programs that complement the library's collections, services, goals and strategic directives.

We take into consideration the interests of the local community, the suitability of the library's physical space and a program's contribution to the library's overall schedule of events.

Large scale Library programs are usually arranged 3 to 6 months in advance and must be open and free to the public. Smaller programs (less than 1 hour and/or less than 100 people) may be arranged 6 weeks or more in advance at the library’s discretion.

The library does not allow commercial advertising and direct solicitation for religious or political reasons. Business professionals giving information sessions do not receive an honorarium, but may provide a business card or contact information to audience members who request it.

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Strategic Plan Alignment

Priority is given to programs that support the strategic plan of the Anchorage Public Library. Please check the area of focus that best fits your program. Our full strategic plan is available on our website at

Children enter Kindergarten with the functional skills for literacy and are supported by the Library in their literacy progression through elementary school; the Library supports teens and adults in learning the skills they need to be successful in life.

Anchorage is an engaged and well-informed community; the Library seeks to be the trusted institution that connects people to non-biased information, experts and materials, and adapts with the changing needs of our community.

Connect Anchorage residents to each other to build a more inclusive and accepting community.