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Check out these recent additions to our catalog from debut and diverse authors.

ISBN: 9780316268264

A play for the end of the world

Jai Chakrabarti
ISBN: 9780525658924

"A dazzling debut novel--the story of a turbulent, unlikely romance, a harrowing account of the lasting horrors of the Second World War, and a searing examination of one man's search for forgiveness and acceptance"-- Provided by publisher.

This thing between us : a novel

Gus Moreno
ISBN: 9780374539238

"A widower battles his grief, rage, and the mysterious evil inhabiting his home smart speaker, in this mesmerizing horror thriller from newcomer Gus Moreno"-- Provided by publisher.

He gets that from me

Jacqueline Friedland
ISBN: 9781684630974

As a young mother with a toddler and a live-in boyfriend, Maggie Fisher's job at a checkout counter in downtown Phoenix doesn't afford her much financial flexibility. She dreams of going to college and becoming a teacher, options she squandered when she fled her family home as a teenager. When Maggie stumbles onto an ad offering thousands of dollars to women who are willing to gestate other people's babies, she at first finds the concept laughable. Before long, however, she's been seduced by all the ways the extra money could improve her life. Once she decides to go for it, it's only a matter of months before she's chosen as a gestational carrier by Chip and Donovan Rigsdale, a married couple from New York. After delivering twin babies and proudly handing them off to the Rigsdales, Maggie finally gets her life on a positive trajectory: she earns her degree, lands a great job, and builds a family of her own. She can't fathom why, ten years after the fact, the fertility clinic is calling to ask for a follow-up DNA test. High-energy and immensely readable, He Gets That from Me explores what it really means to be part of a family.

Immediate family

Ashley Nelson Levy
ISBN: 9780374601416

"A tender and fierce debut novel that explores of the bond between two siblings-one the biological child and one adopted-and the complexities of motherhood, infertility, race, and the many definitions of family"-- Provided by publisher.

The night whistler

Greg Woodland
ISBN: 9781922330093

"Are you lonesome tonight... It's 1966. Hal and his little brother, newly arrived in Moorabool with their parents, are exploring the creek near their new home when they find the body of a dog. Not just dead, but recently killed. Not just killed, but mutilated. Constable Mick Goodenough, recently demoted from his city job as a detective, is also new in town-and one of his dogs has gone missing. He's experienced enough to know what it means when someone tortures an animal to death - it means they're practising. So when Hal's mother starts getting anonymous calls - a man whistling, then hanging up - Goodenough, alone among the Moorabool cops, takes her seriously. The question is - will that be enough to keep her safe?"--Publisher.

Jane of Battery Park : a novel

Jaye Viner
ISBN: 9781597091176

"Jane is a Los Angeles nurse who grew up in a Christian cult that puts celebrities on trial for their sins. Daniel is a has-been actor whose career ended when the cult family members nearly killed him for flirting with her. Eight years after a romantic meet-cute in Battery Park, both search for someone to fill the gap they imagine the other could've filled if given the chance. Jane compulsively goes on dates with every self-professed expert in art, music, and food hoping they will teach her the nuances of the culture she couldn't access in her youth. Daniel looks for a girlfriend who will accept the disabilities left from the cult attack. A loving woman will prove to Daniel's blockbuster star brother, Steve, that he's capable of a supporting role in Steve's upcoming movie and relaunching Daniel's career. When a chance encounter unexpectedly reunites them, Jane and Daniel not only see another chance at the love they lost, but an opportunity to create the lives they've always wanted. The only question is whether their families will let them"-- Provided by publisher.

Kaya days

Carl de Souza ; translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman
ISBN: 9781949641196

"Set in Mauritius during the uprising following the death of the Mauritian musician Kaya, Kaya Days tells the story of a young woman's daylong search for her younger brother who has gone missing"-- Provided by publisher.