Winter Picture Books

Sizing up winter

written by Lizann Flatt ; illustrated by Ashley Barron
ISBN: 9781926973821

As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, shapes and much more! can be found in everyday plants and animals. What if animals and plants knew math, just like us? Would snowflakes all fall from the same height in the sky? Would otters spread themselves evenly across lakes? Would groundhogs be aware of the date? In Sizing Up Winter, the third title in the Math in Nature series, nature comes to life to help children grasp concepts of time and measurement.

Winter friends

by Mary Quattlebaum ; illustrated by Hiroe Nakata
ISBN: 9780385908689

Presents a collection of poetry about daily activities, friendship, and winter fun.

Winter white

Joanne Ryder ; illustrated by Carol Lacey
ISBN: 9780688129934

Because they never give up hope and always want to change the present into something better, Fox and Lemming annually trick Winter into trading snow for sun.

Winter babies

written by Kathryn O. Galbraith ; illustrated by Adela Pons
ISBN: 9781682630679

It is winter in the park, and as snow sparkles babies run and glide, while puppies sniff and rabbits hop.

Snow bears

Martin Waddell ; illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies
ISBN: 9780763619060

When three little bears play in the snow, they pretend to be "snow bears" and their mother goes along with the game.

Snow fun!

by Mike Wohnoutka ; illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
ISBN: 9781681196374

Best friends Croc and Turtle want to play together, but Croc only wants to do exciting things outside in the cold and Turtle wants to stay safe and warm inside.

Sugar snow : adapted from the Little house books by Laura Ingalls Wilder

illustrated by Doris Ettlinger
ISBN: 9780064435710

A cold snap late in winter allows a pioneer girl and her family to enjoy the rich sugar candy made from maple tree sap.

The little snowplow

Lora Koehler ; illustrated by Jake Parker
ISBN: 9780763670740

On the Mighty Mountain Road Crew, the trucks come in one size: BIG. That is, until the little snowplow joins the crew. None of the other trucks think that the little snowplow can handle the big storms, but he knows that he can do it--and just to be sure, he trains hard, pushing loads of gravel, pulling blocks of concrete, and doing plow lifts to get ready. But when a blizzard arrives, will the little snowplow's training be enough to clear the streets and handle unexpected trouble?