What are Graphic Novels?

Basically, Graphic Novels are long comics.

They can be one long story or a collection of short stories, they can be fiction (made up) or they can be non-fiction (real events). They can be funny, sad, scarey, romantic, or anything else that you find in a regular book. There are graphic novels for people of all ages. This list is about Graphic Novels for kids.

While they can be about any topic under the sun there are a few types that stick out:

Superhero graphic novels are often collections of several previously published comics containing an entire story from beginning to end. But there are also some that are completely original in the graphic novel format. 

Manga is the Japanese word for comic, but in the United States it means a particular style of graphic novel. Manga is read from the right to the left. Which also means that when you read a Manga graphic novel you start at what we consider the back and read to the front.

Non-fiction graphic novels are based on real life events. They can be a biographies, histories, opinions, and social commentary.  

Graphic Novels for Kindergarten to Second Grade

Graphic Novels for Third to 5th Grade

Graphic Novels for Sixth to Eighth Grade