Winter Reading Challenge

Colorful triangles and squiggle graphics with a 1980's look. Text: Winter Reading Challenge for Grown Ups

Join our Winter Reading Challenge – for Grown-Ups!

Jump start your reading habit and shake off the winter blues by challenging yourself to read five books in six weeks. Use our bingo cards to explore new genres, new authors, or re-discover old favorites.

You can pick up a bingo card at any Anchorage Public Library location. All cards will be available for download on our website. Use the card, which has 25 reading categories, to keep track of the books you read January 24-March 7, 2022. Every time you finish a book, mark a corresponding box. Complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line by March 7. Each completed bingo receives a finishing prize and an entry into the prize drawing. Complete all 25 squares and you will receive entry into Blackout Prize drawing.

Use #AKWinterReading and #helpmytbr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give recommendations and to see what other folks are reading this winter’s challenge.

Contest Rules

  • Keep track of the books you complete January 24-March 7, 2022.
  • A title can only be used once.
  • Audio books, print books, and e-books all count.
  • Bingo: Complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. You get one finisher prize and one drawing entry for each bingo completed.
  • Blackout: Complete all 25 squares and you’ll also receive entry into the Anchorage Public Library system Blackout drawing.
  • You will need to show each bingo to APL staff by March 7, 2022 to claim your prize and drawing entry.
  • Fine Print: The Winter Reading Challenge is primarily for our adult patrons. Patrons under the age of 18 are welcome to play and receive finisher prizes, but are not eligible for the prize drawings. Bingos must be signed off by APL library staff. Each APL location will hold their own prize drawings. The blackout drawing will be systemwide, regardless of which APL location the blackout is verified at. You can use whichever bingo card you prefer, and turn it in to your chosen APL location. Every effort will be made to ensure that only one prize is awarded per person. APL staff and households are not eligible for prize drawings.

Help! I Need a Book

APL staff is here to help you find books that suit your taste. Staff are available during open hours in-person, through chat (M-F 10-6pm), and over the phone at 907-343-2975 (option 5). Staff are also available through Ask a Librarian and our personal librarian service.