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What is a MiFi?

A MiFi is a mobile hotspot that you can check out from the library. It provides wireless internet without having to sign up with an internet provider.

What can I connect to a MiFi?

Laptops, tablets, cell phones, smart TVs - anything that allows for a Wi-Fi connection.

Who can check out a MiFi?

Any adult with an APL library card.

* Not available to temporary or blocked cards

How do I check out a MiFi?

Place a hold in the catalog or call 343-2975 to place a hold. When you are notified that your hold is ready, come to the library and pick up the MiFi.

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How long can I checkout a MiFi?

Checkout is for 14 days. Renewals are available as long as no one else is waiting to check a MiFi out.

How many MiFi devices can I check out?

One per card. 

Where does the MiFi work?

Anywhere there is GCI cellular coverage.

How do I use a MiFi?

We've created a video tutorial to show you how to turn on and connect to a MiFi.

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How many devices can be connected to the MiFi?

You may connect up to 15 Wi-fi capable devices to the MiFi. (Internet speeds will slow down with more connected devices).

How do I return a MiFi?

MiFis can be returned to any APL location. Do not put the MiFi in a book return. Please hand it to a staff person.

What happens if I do not return my MiFi by the due date?

Internet access will be shut off.