Chromebook Information

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What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Google’s operating system. You can check out a Chromebook to take home.

What can I do with a Chromebook?

  • You can use a Chromebook to access the internet (a wireless internet connection is required).
  • You can log in to social media accounts.
  • You can check email.
  • You can download files and save them to a portable USB flash drive.
  • You can access Google applications such as Docs and Sheets to create documents (Microsoft Office is not available on Chromebooks).
  • You can save files to PDF.
  • You can use the built in webcam to participate in virtual calls and meetings.

Can I print from a Chromebook?

Chromebooks can not be connected to personal printers. However, you can send documents to the printers at APL locations, or download and save files to a USB flash drive to print elsewhere.

How secure is my information on a Chromebook?

Because this is a shared device, no personal information can be saved on Chromebooks. This includes:

  • Browser history
  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Payment methods
  • Auto-fill options
  • Log in credentials

The Chromebook will block downloads that are deemed dangerous. Additionally Google SafeSearch is enabled, which will filter explicit content from search results.

Who can check out a Chromebook?

Any adult with an Anchorage Public Library card.

*Not available to temporary or blocked cards.

How do I check out a Chromebook?

Place a hold in the catalog or call 343-2975 to place a hold. When you are notified that your hold is ready, come to the library and pick up the Chromebook.

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How long can I check out a Chromebook?

Checkout is for 14 days. Renewals are available as long as no one else is waiting to check a Chromebook out.

How many Chromebooks can I check out?

One per card.

How do I return a Chromebook?

Chromebooks can be returned to any APL location during regular business hours. Do not put the Chromebook in a book return. Please hand it to a staff person.

What happens if I do not return my Chromebook by the due date?

Chromebooks that are past due will be disabled remotely and will no longer function.