The Great Alaskan Book Signing

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Come meet Alaskan authors in your own backyard! Whether you read books written for adults or for children (or both!), we have it all here. Bring books to be signed, or buy books from the author at the event.

Authors will be gathered in both the ERTC Community Room (across the hall from Parks & Rec) and in the Chugiak-Eagle River Library Program Room (in the children's section).

This list includes:

  • Kinsley Adams
  • Elva Birch
  • Lolo Paige
  • Colleen Oefelein
  • Bonnye Matthews
  • Vikki Keel
  • Matthew Lasley
  • Elisa Fleener
  • Sharon Aubrey
  • David Brown
  • Tricia Brown
  • Richard Goldstein
  • Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum
  • D. Lynn Mickleson
  • Darrell Kiefer
  • Connie Taylor
  • Clif Bates
  • Barry Dearborn
  • Jackson Apollo Mancini
  • Wendy Luft