Internships offer a helping hand to the Library

Photo of hands stacked on top of one another in a huddle.

2019 was a big year for intern opportunities at Anchorage Public Library across multiple locations and areas of focus.

At our Muldoon Library, our first intern came to us from the Alaska Department of Labor/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. AK Voc Rehab works with clients who have limited work histories or had to leave employment for an extended period of time and need support re-entering the workforce. Their transitional internships focus on work endurance, work maturity, and help establish current work histories and references. This intern worked with us for two months and went on to apply for a staff position at our Loussac Library as a shelver.

Our second intern came to Muldoon as a result of Cook Inlet Tribal Council/Public Library initiative to provide young adults with work experience in the public library. CITC works with member youth throughout Alaska encouraging positive life choices, supporting continuing education, and providing early work experiences. Both of our interns supported Muldoon Staff and their efforts to maintain a well-organized, inviting library for the Muldoon neighborhood. 

Our Loussac Library was a host location for an Alaska State Library Intern. Interns in this program are working on their Master of Library Science and often travel from around the US for this competitive program that offers real-life library experience to enhance their formal education. Kaitlin Younger joined us from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her learning experience at APL was focused on “Library Marketing 101” with an emphasis on increasing completion rates for the 2019 Summer Discovery Program. Her efforts contributed to a 7% increase in completion over 2018 and her experience at APL helped her gain a full-time public library position when she returned home.

Loussac also hosts interns from the University of Alaska Anchorage- School of Social Work. Students are working towards their Master of Social Work and have implemented programs to support veterans, people experiencing homelessness and individuals searching for employment. Jessica Calderon (18/19), Thea Nauss and Adam Ward (19/20) worked closely with APL’s  Community Resource Coordinator to serve all library patrons, but especially those with high vulnerabilities.

In 2020 APL will continue to work with partners offering learning opportunities that support the needs of our community and our library including new opportunities with the University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Journalism and Communications.  Interested in being a partner? E-mail our Assistant Library Director.