A collaboration between APL & Welcoming Anchorage

Icons of people and a heart in front of a drawing of mountains. Text: Anchorage Texts, A Collaboration of Anchorage Public Library and Welcoming Anchorage

The mission of Anchorage Public Library is connecting people to education, information, and community and even though our libraries are currently closed to visitors this mission carries on virtually.

Anchorage Connects is a place on social media for residents to share stories, experiences and responses related to COVID-19. This project is a collaboration between our Anchorage Public Library, Welcoming Anchorage and local artists.

“We are each other’s family, friends and neighbors. In good times and bad, we rely on our connections with each other,” said Mara Kimmel, First Lady of Anchorage and Lead, Welcoming Anchorage. “We encourage as many people as possible to join Anchorage Connects so we can share our hopes, our experiences, and our creativity in these challenging times.”

APL is hosting this public Facebook group with new creative prompts will posted Wednesdays and Saturdays asking community members to share photos, videos, stories, drawings, and writing. These prompts, developed by local librarians and artists, will include important information and support home learning. Community members can also submit prompt ideas.

The stories, photos, art and videos produced as part of this project will connect community residents during these times. The collected contributions will also serve as an historical record of this unique time in our city and around the globe.

“As the Alaska Collection Librarian, it's important to me to collect materials available through a variety of media that document the history, culture, and environment in Anchorage and throughout Alaska. This project allows us to keep for the future, a virtual time capsule or scrapbook of how Anchorage weathered this period", share's Alaska Collection Librarian, Sarah Preskitt. 

People can join Anchorage Connects through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/854720131696581