Northern Middle School & High School Books

The wild lands

Paul Greci
ISBN: 9781250183583

After the government collapses and fires burn the wilderness, Travis and his younger sister, Jess, must travel hundreds of miles searching for some type of civilization.

Do not pass go

Kirkpatrick Hill
ISBN: 9781416914006

When Deet's father is jailed for using drugs, Deet learns that prison is not what he expected, nor are other people necessarily the way he thought they were.

Norman Tuttle on the last frontier : a novel in stories

Tom Bodett
ISBN: 9780679890317

Episodes in the life of Alaskan teenager, Norman Tuttle, as he grows from ages thirteen to fifteen, falls in love for the first time, and deepens his relationship with his father.

My name is not easy

by Debby Dahl Edwardson
ISBN: 9780761459804

Alaskans Luke, Chickie, Sonny, Donna, and Amiq relate their experiences in the early 1960s when they are forced to attend a Catholic boarding school where, despite different tribal affiliations, they come to find a sort of family and home.

Leaving Protection

Will Hobbs
ISBN: 9780688174750

Sixteen-year-old Robbie Daniels, happy to get a job aboard a troller fishing for king salmon off southeastern Alaska, finds himself in danger when he discovers that his mysterious captain is searching for long-buried Russian plaques that lay claim to Alaska and the Northwest.

Two old women : an Alaska legend of betrayal, courage, and survival

by Velma Wallis ; illustrations by Jim Grant
ISBN: 9780945397182

A Native lad : Benny Benson tells Alaska's story

story by Sarah Hurst ; illustrations by Peter Dunlap-Shohl ... [et al.]
ISBN: 9780982189696

Fighter in velvet gloves [kit] : Alaska civil rights hero Elizabeth Peratrovich

by Annie Boochever ; in collaboration with Roy Peratrovich, Jr
ISBN: 9781602233706

"'No Natives or Dogs Allowed' blared the storefront sign at the young Tlingit Indian girl. The sting of those words would stay with Elizabeth Peratrovich all her life. Years later, a seasoned fighter for equality, she would deliver her own eloquent message. One that helped change Alaska and the nation forever. Tensions could not have been higher in Gallery B of the Alaska Territorial Senate. Alaska Natives and non-Natives pressed shoulder to shoulder or stood teetering on chairs to peer over the avalanche of heads that flowed into the hallway. They had come to hear debate on the first anti-discrimination bill in America, almost 20 years before passage of the United States Civil Rights Act. One speaker remained. Now thirty-three years old, Elizabeth Peratrovich placed her knitting next to her young daughter and rose. Dignified and confident in white velvet gloves, stylish green dress and matching hat, she made her way slowly down the crowded aisle. The audience strained forward, drawn by her calm but powerful presence. She turned to face the assembled legislators. Fighter in Velvet Gloves traces Elizabeth's life, from birth and adoption to leadership in a battle for civil rights now celebrated annually throughout Alaska on Elizabeth Peratrovich Day. Author Annie Boochever grew up in Juneau, Alaska. She and her family knew many of the Alaskans, including political leaders, who played key roles in Elizabeth's life and in the battle for Alaska Native people's equality. Written in collaboration with Elizabeth's eldest son, Roy Peratrovich Jr., Fighter in Velvet Gloves brings to life for readers, age ten through young adult, the story of an inspirational Alaskan and American hero"--Provided by publisher.