Northern Early Elementary Books

Gold Rush winter

by Claire Rudolf Murphy ; illustrated by Richard Waldrep
ISBN: 9780307264138

At the end of the nineteenth century, Swedish-Americans Klondy and her mother travel from South Dakota to Alaska to live with Klondy's father, a gold-miner who left for the mines when she was just a baby. Based on events in the life of Klondy Nelson.

The bravest dog ever : the true story of Balto

by Natalie Standiford ; illustrated by Donald Cook
ISBN: 9780394896953

Recounts the life of Balto, the sled dog who braved a snowstorm to deliver medicine to Nome, Alaska, during a 1925 diphtheria epidemic.

Snow dogs! : racers of the North

written by Ian Whitelaw
ISBN: 9780756640828

"Mushers and their dogs race through wind, ice, and snow. Climb aboard!"--Cover back.

The seasons of Little Wolf

written by Jonathan London ; illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
ISBN: 9781941821060

Almost from the time they are born, Little Wolf enjoys playing with Sister Wolf and their brothers, but the pups are also learning from Gray Wolf and White Wolf about how to survive in the wild one day. Includes facts about wolves.

Children of the first people : fresh voices of Alaska's Native kids

profiles by Tricia Brown ; photographs by Roy Corral
ISBN: 9781513261973

"Profiles accompanied by photographs of ten Alaska Native kids and how they experience the intersection of their cultures and the modern world"-- Provided by publisher.

Recess at 20 below

Cindy Lou Aillaud
ISBN: 9780882406046

How cold does it have to be before Alaskan kids stay inside for recess? This is a photo book with text written from a child s perspective on what kids do during recess at 20 below. We see kids getting ready for recess, putting on layers of outdoor clothing, and then somebody has to go to the bathroom! Going sledding, swinging, running around outside with frosted-up eyelashes and face masks.

Dogsledding and extreme sports : a nonfiction companion to Magic tree house #54, Balto of the Blue Dawn

by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce ; illustrated by Carlo Molinari
ISBN: 9780385386456

"A nonfiction companion to Magic Tree House #54: Balto of the Blue dawn."-- Provided by publisher.