Northern Picture Books

Charlie and the blanket toss

by Tricia "Nuyaqik" Brown ; illustrated by Sarah "Anuyaq" Martinsen
ISBN: 9781941821077

Charlie, an Inupiat boy, is excited about the upcoming festival to celebrate a successful whale hunt, but afraid when he thinks this might be the year he takes part in the traditional blanket toss. Includes glossary and notes on Inupiat whaling traditions.


Robert J. Blake ; editor, Patricia Lee Gauch
ISBN: 9780399233814

In 1925, Togo, a Siberian husky who loves being a sled dog, leads a team that rushes to bring diphtheria antitoxin from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.

Blueberry Shoe

Dixon, Ann
ISBN: 9780882405186

Ten rowdy ravens

written by Susan Ewing ; illustrated by Evon Zerbetz
ISBN: 9780882406060

Take a ride with these ten carefree ravens on their journey from being naughty to loveable.


by Shelley Gill ; illustrated by Shannon Cartwright
ISBN: 9780934007238

Swimmer, the Chinook salmon, journeys over 10,000 miles to complete her life cycle, while Katya, the native Alaskan girl, comes of age in her small village along the coast.

Mama, do you love me?

by Barbara M. Joosse ; illustrated by Barbara Lavallee
ISBN: 9780877017592

A child living in the Arctic learns that a mother's love is unconditional.

Go home, river

story by James Magdanz ; illustrations by Dianne Widom
ISBN: 9780882404769

In 1875, a young Inupiat boy travels the length of the Kobuk River with his family, from its source in the mountains of northern Alaska to Kotzebue Sound, where they join others for an annual trade fair.

Lucy's dance

Deb Vanasse ; illustrations by Nancy E. Slagle
ISBN: 9781602231276

Lucy helps her grandfather, and her entire community, recall the traditional dance festivals that they used to enjoy before the outsiders came. Includes author's note on the history of traditional Yupik dance festivals.

The eye of the needle

retold and illustrated by Teri Sloat
ISBN: 9780525446231

Sent out by his grandmother to find food, Amik consumes a series of animals of ever-increasing size and brings back more than he thinks.