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Legal guide for starting & running a small business

attorney, Fred S. Steingold
ISBN: 9781413321401

Answers legal questions in plain English related to starting and running a small business. The fourteenth edition is completely updated with the latest business tax rules and numbers, including options for deducting expenses for the business use of one's home.

How to form a nonprofit corporation

Attorney Anthony Mancuso
ISBN: 9781413323894

Learn how to form a nonprofit corporation in any state and gain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. Includes step-by-step instructions for both IRS Form 1023 and the streamlined Form 1023-EZ federal tax-exemption application. Learn to choose a legal name; prepare articles of incorporation; create your bylaws; obtain federal and state tax-exempt status; prepare minutes for your organizational meeting; and, establish a corporate records book.

How to write a business plan

Mike P. McKeever
ISBN: 9781413323191

"You need a sound business plan to start a business or raise money to expand an existing one. For over 30 years, how to Write a Business Plan has helped fledging entrepreneurs -- from small service businesses and retailers to large manufacturing firms -- write winning plans and get needed financing. This bestselling book contains clear step-by-step instructions and forms to put together a convincing business plan with realistic financial projections, effective marketing strategies, and overall business goals, "--page [4] of cover.

Tax guide for short-term rentals : Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO & more

Stephen Fishman, J.D
ISBN: 9781413324563

Home business tax deductions : keep what you earn

Stephen Fishman, J.D
ISBN: 9781413324150

"For any home business, claiming all the tax deductions you are entitled to is essential to your business's financial success. Don't miss out on the many valuable deductions you can claim. Here, you'll find out how to deduct: start-up costs; home office expenses; vehicles and travel expenses; entertainment and meals; medical expenses under Obamacare, and retirement expenses."--Page [4] of cover.

Patent, copyright & trademark : an intellectual property desk reference

Attorney Richard Stim
ISBN: 9781413324624

Whether you are in the world of business or creative arts, understanding the laws that govern your work is critical to success. But given the often convoluted terminology that surrounds patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, this isn't easy. This book explains what legal rights apply to your work, the scope of copyright protection, includes an overview of trademark law, what the law protects and much more.

Smart policies for workplace technologies : email, social media, cell phones & more

Lisa Guerin, J.D
ISBN: 9781413323535

Every workplace uses technology -- and every employer needs policies to guide employee behavior and avoid liability. Use this book to make your workplace safe for technology with up-to-date policies on email use, social media, mobile devices, instant messaging, and more. --Publisher.

Form a partnership : the complete legal guide

Attorney Denis Clifford and Ralph Warner, J.D
ISBN: 9781413324464

Patent it yourself : your step-by-step guide to filing at the U.S. Patent Office

David Pressman and Thomas J. Tuytschaevers
ISBN: 9781413322576

"For 30 years, Patent It Yourself has guided hundreds of thousands of inventors through the process of getting a patent, from start to finish. Patent attorneys David Pressman and Thomas J. Tuytschaevers provide the latest information, forms, and clear instructions to help you. Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest changes in intellectual property law, this edition provides the latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules and forms. The 18th edition covers the latest implications of the first-to-file rules created by the America Invents Act, "--Amazon.com.

Starting & building a nonprofit : a practical guide

Peri H. Pakroo, J.D
ISBN: 9781413320886

Profit from your idea : how to make smart licensing deals

Richard Stim
ISBN: 9781413320572

" You've invented a great product and it's time for the next step. However, if you present an invention to a prospective buyer or licensee, it's no secret that your idea can be stolen. How can you draft an agreement that protects your interests? Turn to Profit From Your Idea to help you create, modify and understand nondisclosure agreements specifically for inventors. In addition to providing sample agreements and practical advice, this all-in-one guide helps you: understand the licensing process determine ownership rights work with agents effectively find potential licensees publicly show inventions without the risk negotiate a fair licensing deal draft a comprehensive licensing agreement deal with international licensing Disclosing your invention requires a balancing act: Presenting the best aspects of your invention while protecting the confidential aspects of your work. Use Profit From Your Idea to help you effectively maintain the necessary balance and minimize the risks of disclosure. The fully updated edition comes complete with the latest licensing case law and includes brand new FAQs, many from the author's popular blog, Dear Rich: Nolo's Patent, Copyright & Trademark Blog"-- Provided by publisher.

Consultant & independent contractor agreements

Stephen Fishman
ISBN: 9781413320619

Tax savvy for small business

Frederick W. Daily
ISBN: 9781413316407

The small business start-up kit

Peri H. Pakroo ; edited by Marcia Stewart
ISBN: 9781413316841

"A step-by-step legal guide that outlines how to launch a business and deal with hurdles along the way"--Provided by publisher.