Thank you for passing Prop 7 and supporting our libraries!

Thank You for Passing Prop 7

This modest investment will help rehabilitate and maintain public facilities that provide essential city functions and serve thousands of residents across our community on a daily basis. We are so grateful for your support! Stay tuned for more info.

Anchorage Public Library:

  • Chugiak-Eagle River Library will get an Automated Material Handling System (like Loussac’s). The new system will help staff keep up with the neighborhood’s voracious reading habits and provide faster service.
  • The Loussac Library will get an upgrade of its security system and new full-color cameras for the whole building, to provide a safer environment for patrons and staff.

Anchorage Senior Center:

  • Carpet replacement, upgrades to restrooms to meet ADA standards and audio/visual equipment in the ballroom.

Anchorage Animal Care and Control:

  • The Animal Control Facility is thirty years old and has the original roof which has reached its useful life and is now in very poor condition. This roof has required numerous roof repairs to patch leaks in recent years due to its deteriorated condition and needs to be replaced.

Chugiak Senior Center:

  • Replace the degraded and difficult to use deck with a concrete patio and raised flower beds allowing clients to move safely. Repairs also include replacement of the wooden fence enclosure.