Mountain View Provides Access to 3D Printing

Photo of librarian and you patron with Mountain View 3-D Printer

The library as a place to investigate and learn has always been central to libraries since the earliest times. At the Mountain View Neighborhood Library we encourage people to expand their abilities and try new technologies. This has been important as the introduction of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mechanics) has grown in the Anchorage community.

This library has a 3D printer, and patrons have been able to create and print their own designs. Community members come with ideas, and for a minimal fee, make their ideas a reality.

Andy Allard, the Mountain View Youth Librarian, has been integral to this expansion of 3D printing. “The 3D Design Class makes a deep connection between science, engineering, and the creative arts,” says Andy. “Being able to design and print in-house has been invaluable to this creative process.”

Just as invaluable to giving patrons access to information is the illustration of the active creative process. Librarians like Andy make this possible every day at the Anchorage Public Library.