Did You Know? UAF Cooperative Extension

Photograph of woman standing in field with UAF Cooperative Extension logo

Visit the UAF Cooperative Extension, Anchorage Outreach Center on the 4th floor of the Loussac Library. Check out a class, pick up free information on agriculture, 4-H, lawn and garden, pest control, health and wellness and so much more! You can even “ask an expert.”

At the Anchorage office you’ll find:

  • Brochures, publications and DVDs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • 4-H youth and adult programs
  • Master Gardener training and pest management information
  • Educational programs and workshops.

The Extension provides information and programs in these areas:

  • Food preparation and food preservation
  • Nutrition
  • Family resource management (budgeting!)
  • Youth development
  • Energy efficiency
  • Gardening, composting and soils
  • Greenhouse structures and management
  • Livestock
  • Invasive plants and pest management
  • Indoor air quality and radon
  • Emergancy preparedness.

The office is open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm on the 4th floor of the Loussac Library at 3600 Denali st. Find them on-line at https://www.uaf.edu/ces/districts/anchorage/ or call (907) 786-6300.