Did You Know? UAF Cooperative Extension

Visit the UAF Cooperative Extension, Anchorage Outreach Center on the 4th floor of the Loussac Library. Check out a class, pick up free information on agriculture, 4-H, lawn and garden, pest control, health and wellness and so much more! You can even “ask an expert.”

At the Anchorage office you’ll find:

  • Brochures, publications and DVDs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • 4-H youth and adult programs
  • Master Gardener training and pest management information
  • Educational programs and workshops.

The Extension provides information and programs in these areas:

  • Food preparation and food preservation
  • Nutrition
  • Family resource management (budgeting!)
  • Youth development
  • Energy efficiency
  • Gardening, composting and soils
  • Greenhouse structures and management
  • Livestock
  • Invasive plants and pest management
  • Indoor air quality and radon
  • Emergancy preparedness.

The office is open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm on the 4th floor of the Loussac Library at 3600 Denali st. Find them on-line at https://www.uaf.edu/ces/districts/anchorage/ or call (907) 786-6300.